Dominion Law Group --  Leesburg Estate PlannersClients have been reporting receiving soliciations from "Record Transfer Services" shortly after the deed was recorded to transfer their property into the name of their newly established revocable trusts.  The notice offers to provide a copy of the recorded deed and other property information for the fee of $83.00.  The language on the notice appears official, using terms such as "Compliance Date".  In very small print, there is a disclaimer on the notice, stating it is not affiliated with any government offices and that it is a solicitation.  It is a scam, but because of the disclaimer, it isn't illegal.

I always send the recorded deed to my clients as soon as it is received from the county recording office.  Anyone interested in receiving another copy can obtain it for fifty cents per page from the county land records office. 

Clients in Loudoun and Fairfax County have reported receiving the notices.  There is information on the internet that Record Transfer Services, operating under a variety of names, has targeted new home buyers in multiple states for at least three years. One of the more recent reports was from an investigative reporter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.






 Dominion Law Group --  Leesburg Estate Planners