Top Five Reasons to Die Without an Estate Plan

1.     The state legislature has done a better job of deciding how to distribute your assets than you can.

You don’t need an estate plan because the state has one for you, and the laws of intestacy (no will) will ensure that your relatives inherit based on their blood relationship to you.  That includes weird Uncle Billy.


2.     The court can choose a more caring guardian for your minor children or a more caring trustee for your grandchildren than you can.

Sure, they are busy with all sorts of big issues like homicide and corruption trials, but the county judges really care about their cases, and want to ensure that there’s a great match between the orphans and their court-appointed guardians.  Weird Uncle Billy?


3.     The court can choose a better executor to handle your estate during probate than you can.

Your grieving immediate family members may not think to open probate within 30 days (in Virginia), so another heir can ask to qualify as the administrator for your estate.   Administrator weird Uncle Billy.

  4.     Your grieving loved ones will enjoy paying additional legal fees and court costs than would otherwise be necessary, and with public court supervision.

Sometimes it’s a good thing when the courts get involved in settling an estate, and lawyers have to make a living too.   Representing weird Uncle Billy.

 5.     Uncle Sam will use your estate tax money more effectively and efficiently than your favorite charity ever could.

You worked hard, amassed your fortune and wanted your family to enjoy it.  If it is big enough, Uncle Sam has a plan to take at least 1/3 and spend it on all those programs you’ve railed against for years.  Like weird Uncle Billy’s Tattoo Academy.


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