Privacy Policy

Web Site Privacy Policy

The Dominion Law Group is committed to protecting the privacy of those using this web site.  We do not collect information about users of this web site, unless you provide such information with the intent that we retain it.  We do not reveal, sell, rent or distribute your email address for any reason.

Privacy Policy of the Law Firm

The privacy and confidentiality of your information is important to this law firm.  We are bound by strict ethical and professional standards regarding privacy and confidentiality.  We will never disclose any information about you to any third party, unless you specifically authorize such disclosure as part of your representation by this law firm or as required by legal or ethical regulations.  We never sell personal information or disclose information to marketers.

With your consent, we may disclose information to third parties who are assisting in formulating and executing your estate plan.  These may include financial advisors, tax professionals, real estate agents, appraisers, insurance providers and investment brokers.  Without your consent, we will not reveal any information about you unless required by law or ethical regulations.

Record Retention

We retain records on the professional services we provide to assist you with your legal needs and to comply with professional ethics and legal requirements.  To safeguard the privacy of your information, we use physical, electronic and procedural methods that comply with federal law and with the high standards required by our code of ethics and professional conduct.

This web site provides general information only.  Every individual's situation is unique and laws regarding estate planning, estate administration and business establishment vary widely from one state to another.  The web site cannot and does not provide legal advice about specific legal situations.  Contact the Dominion Law Group for advice about your specific and unique legal needs. 



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