Our Fees

Estate planning attorneys charge for their time in analyzing a client’s estate planning needs and drafting the documents that meet those needs.  This firm generally does not base our fees on an hourly rate.  Instead, we do estate planning legal work on a "flat fee", all-inclusive basis, that covers the initial consultation, drafting your estate planning documents and sending them to you for review, meeting to execute the documents and following up on outstanding issues. 

The precise fee depends on the work that we agree to, and complex plans naturally carry a higher fee.  We generally expect to receive one-half of the estate planning fee when agreement is reached that you are hiring the firm to draft your estate plan, with the balance due when the documents are signed.  There may be some individual costs charged to you, such as deed recording fees and express mail costs.  We do not charge for phone calls or for routine postage.

The exact terms of our fees will be explained in a written fee agreement that we both sign when you have agreed to retain the firm.  At this time, we only accept checks and do not take credit or debit cards.   


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